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Our Story

Chile Specialty

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Aramburo Produce Inc. maintains a reputation of tending thoughtfully to each of our clients, vendors, and workers, cultivating an environment of consistent and respectable flourish. Our story begins with two brothers, Tomas and Mauro Aramburo. 

We observed and understood the grand market that was established in California as well as the potential that existed in this produce industry. The robust culture is what originally attracted us to produce, specifically chilies.

Trustworthy Produce

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Two decades later, Aramburo Produce Inc. continues to illuminate the heart of Los Angeles whose ideology is sewn together with respect and integrity on all levels of production. We make it a priority to look after our providers in the same regard that we do with our clientele.

Our long term goal can be broken down into three parts:




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Community Commitment

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Ultimately, we want for Aramburo Produce Inc. to inspire by sharing our experience in the hopes that it motivates others to chase their own unique vision of the american dream. 

As a wholesale grocer, we are dedicated to maintaining relationships amongst the producer, the consumer, and the distributor in an effort to build a community. Aramburo Produce Inc. is founded on humble grounds. We strive to create a focus on the hispano-american community that augments the agricultural business world.

Our Mission

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We serve as a distributor that is consistently growing, priding ourselves in our quality of produce but, more importantly, in the experience that is undergone when collaborating with our company. 

Aramburo Produce Inc. has made it its mission to not only find the produce that is in demand but also distribute it at the best price and with the highest standard of service.

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